Vijay Kaththi Review

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Katthi deals with the sensitive issue of multinational companies encroaching fertile lands and there by destroying farming families. It takes a dig at media for being biased towards the rich and airing only sensational stories.
its story of a hydrology graduate who hails from a small village and how he fights with a big multinational company to get back his villages fertile lands.

Analysis: Director excelled in weaving an interesting plot with prevailing social cause but he falls flat in narrating actual theme of the movie. To his credit, who wrote some very good scenes and extracted brilliant performance from Vijay. Background score by Anirudh is brilliant, Production values and editing are good.

Performances: Vijay has given a gem of a performance in this movie, he was well supported by his friends character. Samantha had very small role to do and she was just OK. Neil Nitin Mukesh in Villian role was stylish but he did not have much performance wise.


  • Vijay fights and some thought provoking scenes in second half.


  • Movie length
  • Flashback episode in first half
  • Dragged narration in parts of second half

Verdict: Can be watched once for its theme, Vijay’s performance and fights. It will be a hit and can be a box office winner if audience do not get disappointed for this to be not entertaining in the scale of Thuppakki.



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