Uu Kodathara Ullikki Padathara Review

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Banner: Manchu Entertainments
Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Manchu Manoj, Deeksha Seth, Sonu Sood, Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna, Prabhu, Sai Kumar, Panchi Bora, Raghubabu, Dharmavarapu Subhramanyam
Music: Bobo Shashi, Salim-Sulaiman
Editor: M R Varma
Cinematographer: B Rajasekhar
Story, screenplay, direction: Sekhar Raja
Producer: Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna
Release date: 27/07/2012
Review date : 31/07/2012
After few experiments Manoj is back with his two year dream project lets see if he succeed or not


Story revolves around gandharva mahal, an anscetor property inherits to Rayudu( prabhu) and he lent his gandharva mahal and lives in outhouse with his wife and two daughters, Rayudu elder daughter gets an alliance and they want gandharva mahal as dowry and then a young star(Manoj movie name not revealed anywhere ) enter in to gandharva mahal and rent a room and try to stop Rayudu giving gandharva mahal as dowry and also narasimha naidu who’s soul is trying to save the mahal for last 4 decades and will they succeed and why they try to save the mahal should watch on big screen


Nandamuri Balakrishna you no need an introduction for Balakrishna he steals the show with his royal looks and performance wise doesn’t have much punch dialogues like his earlier films but with his looks will not disappoint the fans.
Manchu Lakshmi as amruthavalli she has limited role but she done justice to the role in climax her makeup was OK.
Sonu sood is apt for the role its an extension character of arundathi.
Deeksha Seth nothing to offer her role is wasted
Prabhu, suhasini, banu chander, panchi bora done justice to their roles.
Ajay Character mis matched and the voice not suited well
Saikumar is OK but his makeup make him looks like a clown.
Ragubabu, Dharmavarapu and the rest of the group are OK.

Now it’s time for Manoj should I say he tried something different yes may be he looks good with his macho look and well toned body and he shows in the second song which tests your patience and most of the time trying to imitate legendary actor dr Mohan babu he looks much better in second half his dances and fights are OK he did good in some comedy scenes

Music by Bobo Sashi : is a big let down except the lifted song anuragamaye, when you choose these kind of movies back ground score should elevate the mood of the scene but you never see that entire movie.

Story Screenplay and Direction Sekhar Raja :when you choose these kind of scripts director should take every effort to prepare the tight screen play and hold audience thrill until the end but there are many loop holes and due to elevate Manchu Lakshmi character at the end he forget the main characters towards the climax, graphics are OK the First song should elevate the hero character should kept the suspense until the end but he let the character dull.

Other Departments : Cinematography by Rajasekhar was good,  Fights by Manoj are OK, Art Director Bhupathi done a fabulous job on Gandharva Mahal on flash back but the gandharva mahal was not effective when the post flash back episodes should have taken more care, Editing was Ok.


  • Balakrishna, you should watch the movie and fans will not get disappointed
  • Manchu lakshmi performance at the end
  • production values & Cinematography
  • and Gandharva mahal
  • Comedy track between Manoj & Raghubabu team
  • Manoj & Deeksha Seth and her friends
  • 1st and 2nd songs does not add any value to the plot or movie
  • Music is a let down
Analysis: UKUP is a special film as a big star like Balakrishna plays a vital role, even you feel balakrishna role limited for 20 mins but he haunts you the whole movie with his royal looks and also special film for Manoj as it is his dream project, but director failed with poor screenplay and weak direction sometimes you feel that Manoj directed this film
 Rating: for the production values you should appreciate these kind of films but that does not keep the audience till the end, the movie definitely has some hype with Balakrisnha and it will get some huge openings but the whole the team failed


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