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Young Tiger  NTR, Sizzling beauties Samantha and Sruthi Hassan starrer upcoming movie “Ramayya Vastavayya” shooting is progressing in a brisk pace.  Harish Shankar is directing the movie. SS Thaman has composed the music for the movie. Dil Raju is producing the film.

Let’s see is this Thaman’s best album as said by Harish ?

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Jabilli Nuvve
Singers– Ranjith
Lyrics-Anant Sriram

This is one of the highlight song of the album and has already got the chartbuster talk since the teaser was released. The song has some very good music composed by Thaman and can say that this is one of the best melodies coming from him. Ananth Sriram is as usual at his best with his lyrics. Overall this is a very good song.

Pandaga Chesko
Singers– K.K

The song is the introduction song of NTR in the film. The song has a mix of English, Hindi and Telugu lyrics and is youth oriented and focuses more in establishing the hero’s character. The song moves at a fast pace and should have scope for good movements from NTR.

O Lailaa
Singers– Rahul, Chorus
Lyrics-Bhaskar Bhatla

The song is a teasing song and has good mass beats and would appeal to masses in the first hearing. Thaman baiters may criticize him for bringing in a bit of usual beats in the song but they should remember that the beats are needed in a mass hero film and he should be appreciated for the energy he has filled the song with.

Singers – Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal

The song is a melodious duet that will travel into the hearts. Sahiti who had written Kevvu Keka can heave a sigh a relief that he would not be branded with this song. A song like this is generally seen as a Sirivennela song in TFI but Sahiti has proved that he could write better lyrics given a chance. This song is an example of what a composer can do if he is given freedom and opportunity. Thaman didn’t allow his instruments to dominate the lyrics and has blended them well with the flow of music. For all who think music is all about instruments, Thaman has opened a new leaf. He has built the pace in the song with the variations and the chorus bits. The Aalaap in the second charanam is too good and there are many peaks in the song. I don’t think I’m capable enough to talk about the performance of the artists like Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Ghoshal. They are just mind blowing and this song is an example of how beautiful the output could be if a composer puts his heart into the song, a lyricist gives wonderful lyrics and if two world class singers live the feel and expressions of the song. Ten out of ten for the song.

Singers– Shankar Mahadevan, Suchitra

The song is composed in typical Thaman style with lots of beats. The song has lot of mass beats with teenmaar beats in the interludes which have good scope for NTR to show his signature movements. Srimani’s lyrics are Ok. Shankar Mahadevan and Suchitra have done justice. The song could pick up slowly and the on screen taking could make it the most favored song.

Idhi Ranarangam
Singers– Ranjith, Rahul, Naveen

The song could come before climax and looks more situational. This song shows why Srimani is called one of promising lyricists of Telugu Cinema. He has chosen and used every word to pump the power in the song. The singers Ranjith, Rahul and Naveen have expressed the power needed in the song. Thaman has done a fantastic job in setting up the entire song. It is little difficult to comment on the how popular the song could become as much would depend on the picturization on screen.

Jabilli and Neneppudaina proves that Thaman can deliver good music given an opportunity. O Laila is a good mass song which attracts in first hearing. Overall a OK album for a star hero that lives upto the expectations of the fans but not as career best for Thaman as they said.

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