Rabhasa Review

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Starring: NTR, Samantha, Pranatha, Brahmanandam, JP, Nassar, Jayasudha and others
Music: Taman S S
Producers: Bellamkonda Suresh
Direction:Santosh Srinivas

After so much drama from the producer before the release day, NTR much awaited movie Rabhasa finally cleared all the hurdles and ready to entertain the fans on festival day.

Our Analysis

In one of the scenes in Rabhasa, NTR says “idi kda ra naku kavalsina emotion”. The director may have forcefully fit that dialog in to a scene but he fails to generate required emotional connect for the audience to take this movie seriously. First thirty minutes into the movie and the audience realize that there is nothing in the world which the hero character cannot do. He can stop a highly influential politician from becoming Mayor of a city, he can make a girl elope from a big fat wedding, he can destroy cars, buildings and what not in the process of beating twenty-thirty baddies, he can enter a college with the principal’s permission to go after girl and all this within just thirty minutes. If Ali’s character with bunch of jobless friends can convince the main villains of the movie that they are income tax officers then how can the director expect the audience to get thrilled with the similar tricks played by the hero? So if the plot is so predictable then where is the curiosity factor for the audience to get engaged in the plot? All we can do is just wait like loyal telugu audience for a good song, comedy scene or anything else which will make it worthwhile to sit through the movie.

That’s exactly what the director succeeded in doing here..make the audience sit through the movie thanks to some good comedy scenes in the second half. Other than that this Rabhasa offers nothing new. This is probably as routine as we can get in terms of content in a movie. All the scenes, characters and even some dialogues give us a Déjà vu feel. Other than some good old tested formula comedy in the second half, Hawa hawa song and rare one or two good scenes, everything else strikes as mundane.

Whoever composed fights for this movie must have thought the concept of gravity to be non-existent on earth. All fights look similar. Choreography in all songs looks similar except for the hawa hawa song. There is nothing much to talk about dialogues. They sound as routine as the plot of the movie. Cinematography is good. The screenplay lacks much needed hero elevation scenes, which are considered as back bone of a mass movie. There is nothing much left for the music director to do in terms of background score when even the serious scenes look silly.

Overall, this is just another routine movie with good comedy which may appeal to our audience who seems to have persistently high level of tolerance for these kind of movies. In terms of box office, chances are high for Rabhasa to become a hit.


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