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After a gap of more than an year since his last release Balupu, Ravi Teja’s Power released today amidst decent hype and expectations among the audience. As he previously did on numerous occasions, Ravi Teja chose to work with a debutant director. Let us see how much power this Power was able to generate on screen.

Plot: Baldev Sahay becomes a police officer with a strong personal goal but he disappears surprisingly while trying to escape a criminal. Home minister of the state (played by Mukesh Rishi) gets in a fix to find both Baldev and the criminal to save his ministry. In a second thread, Tirupathi, who is a like alike of Baldev lives with the sole aim of becoming a cop. Tirupathi’s brother in law (Bramhanandam) is an incapable circle inspector, taking advantage of which Tirupathi sneaks in to act as a cop in place of Bramhanandam every time he sees an opportunity to do so. In a dramatic way, Tirupathi gets noticed by Mukesh Rishi, who comes up with a master plan of putting Thirupathi in the place of Baldev to catch the criminal. What happens next ? Does the home minister succeed in doing what he plans ? What happened to Baldev ? What was his goal and why he tries to escape the criminal ? All these riddles get resolved in rest of the plot.

Analysis: The director has chosen a good central theme here to weave the plot but he gets caught in the formula template style screenplay, which follows the recurring sequence of an action scene , a comedy episode and a song. There are four high points in the plot, first comes right at the beginning , second comes at the interval block, third comes in the middle of second half and the last one comes at the climax. All these four high points are executed well but the problem here is the screenplay which is used to connect these points. Action and comedy episodes lack originality. Comedy episode between Ravi Teja and Bramhanandam in the first half reminds us of Bramhanandam comedy in Baadshah. In the second half, the comedy episodes are directly lifted from Ravi Teja starrers Krishna and Balupu . A key action episode in the second half emulates Rahul Dev killing episode in NTR’s Simhadri. To make things worse, Thaman use a BGM in this episode which sounds very similar to the one used in Simhadri. Another two dramatic sequences in the second half which are very crucial to the movie are done in a very routine manner, due to which instead of getting audience attention, they make us yawn. In conclusion, Power is a powerful story told with a disappointingly powerless screenplay.


  • Central Theme of the movie
  • Ravi Teja’s performance
  • Couple of comedy episodes in the first half
  • Some nerve biting drama in the Second half


  • Action episodes
  • Silly comedy in the second half
  • Songs

Conclusion: This Power would have packed a solid punch at the box office if it had a better screenplay. Watch it for Ravi Teja.


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