Pawan Kalyan you’re not alone

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After watching yesterdays speech of Pawan Kalyan, few disturbing things flashed in my mind.

All the mega fans (including PK fans ) were divided among themselves and made their own assumptions about his political journey without even bothering about what Pawan Kalyan had going through his mind. Even more disturbing was Nagababu’s statement. I felt he gave a rather confusing statement on behalf of all the fans by saying “we are all with you annayya”. This is a clear indication that neither him or Chiru had any clue about what PK will talk on March 14th.
Until March 13th even few PK fans were in defensive mode in trying to justify the idea of forming a new party by PK. To be honest, PK never did any thing wrong politically. Those few should have been actually proud to be PK fans rather than becoming defensive in trying to protect him. These kind of defensive actions could spread negative energy. Remember, PK is a quantum of positive energy and he does not need any negative energy from his fans.

After his remarkable and historic speech yesterday, now “All” fans are more relaxed and feeling upbeat. Frankly, they should have been feeling the same all along.

One thing which touches my heart about PK is being in top position in TFI and having a huge fan base across the world, yesterday he said many times that he is alone. When he said “Amma Ki kuda cheppaledhu party peduthunna ani, ippudu intiki velithe koduthundi oka two days agi velatha …”, I could sense how alone he is.

Another thing which I always believed and noticed it again yesterday was that he has great respect towards his brothers. He said “oka time lo sucide chesukovali anipichindi kaani annayya la valla aa alochana marindi”. This shows that Pawan Kalyan always counts on his brothers to be on his side during difficult times. Even now he would embrace his brothers with pure love whether they support him morally or not.

As a movie lover, He is one of my favorite actors and after listening to yesterdays speech my respect towards him increased by multiple times. I am not going to discuss about the political aspects of his speech or his satires on other politicians. But whatever he spoke yesterday traveled straight from his heart to the hearts of millions of his fans across the world and fortunately for me, I am one of them.
Finally, I take pride in letting Pawan Kalyan know that he is not alone. We, your proud fans will always support you till our last breath and prove to everyone that you are a precious gift to our world which needs to be cherished with unconditional love and great respect.

Jai hind !!!


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