Nandamuri Balakrishna Adhinayakudu Review

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The movie has lot of punch dialogues

Trend lu tho manaku sambandham ledu..thappu chesina vaadi bendu teeyadame mana style

Pure business trend needi..perfect bhajana trend naadi

Padavi anedi birudu kaadu..evado isthe teesukovadaaniki…adi janam naayakudiki ichche baadhyatha

Maa satruvu ani cheppukovadaniki oka arhatha vundalira

My Favourite dailogue on software engineers

vallu bhumulu( land) konte na kada boom vachindi 

Peda Balayya dialogues about India are good, explanation on mathematics 

Overall lot of punch dialogues, movie lacks speed and bad RR, songs are OK, and director should take more intrest on 2nd and 3rd balakrishna costumes and make-ups, 1st half goes with brahmanandam & Balayya comedy scenes and 2nd half starts with 2nd and 1st balakrishna,

Old Balakrishna accent did not taken care properly he speaks  suddenly  rayalseema accent and then andhra accent, this shows how director lacks the grip on scenes

2nd half slow down the movie with flash backs, and twists with out any entertainment much


Andam Aakumadi and Ooruntha  songs are good


Venu madhav has a typical time pass role, nothing offer to new, Jayasudha, Sukanya are OK, Raghu has some importance role at the end and he did justice, Charan Raj has nothing to offer


Censor done some job on blurring couple of scenes in the before interval fight, also post interval when villain steps on police


Director paruchuri murali need lot of work to sustain in the industry, He had a good chance to prove the mettle but I feel he failed the point with poor narration, makeup & costume selection not able to keep the pace of the movie .

At the end its much better than Vijeyandra Varma & PVC


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