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Happy Birthday to Superstar Rajinikanth


All Superstar fans are waiting for this day since the debacle of Kochadiiyyaan, all the fans want to see their superstar back with his style and mannerisms one more time, Lingaa directed by  Ravi Kumar lead actresses are  Anushka and Sonakshi along with AR Rehaman Music, lets see if Lingaa lived the expectations.


Story : Movie is about saving the near villages and a damn that  built by Raja Lingeswara, Lingaa finds the truth about his grand father and what next you have to watch on big screen.

Performance: “superstar Rajini” seen in two shades,  Rajini steals the show as Raja Lingeswara, and He looks stylish and looks amazing as King of Gadwal, his makeup seems odd in lot of closeup shots.

Anushka wasted in the movie and her makeup doesn’t fit the bill, Sonakshi did some justice for her role, looks stunning in songs, Jagapathi babu had a limited role, Santhanam and his crew managed with their one line comedy punches, K viswanath, Dev Gill, Vijay Kumar are OK, British Collector had a good role and he did a good job.

Cinematography is excellent, some of the pre-indepence scenes captured well and also showed richness on Indian royalty, production values are good, Graphics work could have better.

Songs come in second half are better.

Analysis : Movie start off with a good theme and makes you interest what will happen next, but all the mood was spoiled with a dream song by superstar, as the age shows on him and try to show him as young and than struggle continue with a silly long robbery makes you loose the interest and the movie  gets better on once Raja Lingeswara enters as a Collector, theme set for 1939 pre-indepence, it had it moments on second half but the flashback was too lengthy and looses the track. Songs can easily skip on the screen and it comes as expected, graphics work on songs not up to the mark.The much hyped train fight makes you yawn with too much graphics and with Rajini body dupe and little bit lengthy.

For all the Rajini fans enjoy Lingaa on his birthday!!!




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