Govindhudu Andhari Vadale Review

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Krishna Vamsi, who was once known for successfully attempting risky movies, has off late himself become a risk for the audience with his recent offerings. On the other hand, Charan, though got decent hits at the box office, has been attracting some criticism regarding his abilities as an actor. So it was a suspiciously curious moment for the moviegoers when a movie in the combination of these two was announced. Let us see if Krishna Vamsi and Charan were able to erase all the suspicions about their abilities or not.

Plot: A father (Prakash Raj) and son (Rehaman) gets separated due to a difference in opinion. Years later the son realizes his mistake and shares this grief with his son (Charan). The grandson then decides to reunite his father and grandfather. How he does it and what are the different challenges he faces on his way forms rest of the plot.
Analysis:First things first, the good aspect about this movie is the nativity telugu cinema fee it creates for the audience. Right from the start we get hooked up to the plot and curiously look forward to what’s going to happen next. It is easy to caste proven artists such as Prakash Raj, Srikanth, Jayasudha, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rao Ramesh, etc. but the real test for director’s abilities is seen in utilizing those artists to their potential. Krishna Vamsi , to a large extent, has succeeded in doing that here. Charan plays the pivotal role of balancing all the characters around him and it’s not an easy task for a novice like him to pull it off convincingly. Krishna Vamsi deserves appreciation for extracting good and convincing performance from Charan.
However, there is a glitch in the plot which one can’t miss to notice since it forms the premise on which the movie runs. Imagine a young boy from no where showing up at once door and telling them that he came all the way from London to learn farming. Naïve, isn’t it ? That’s exactly what Charan tells Prakash Raj and Prakash Raj even believes it and even gives him shelter in his home.
Other disappointing aspect is the roles of Kota Srinivasa Rao and Rao Ramesh, which were etched good but never gets concluded.
On a brighter side, all different facets of a movie such as entertainment, action, sentiment and even songs are brilliantly blended in to the run of the movie rather than being forced.
Artists Performance: Charan has got a complete makeover as an actor in this movie. He seemed to have improved a lot. Prakash Raj as Charan’s grand father and Jaya Sudha as his grand mother have delivered brilliant performances. Srikanth as Charan’s babai was very good. Kota Srinivasa Rao never seem to saturate as an actor. No matter how many different types of roles we may have seen him in the past, he still manages to do something new and different in every role he plays. His expressions and histrionics in this movie are examples of his unique abilities as an actor. Rao Ramesh in his role was natural and effective. Posani Krishna Murali manages to bring good laughs. Rehman in charan’s character was also good. Kajal was only used for glamour. Kamalini didn’t had much to do.

Technical departments: Direction to the most part was good. Krishna Vamsi finally seems to have found his long lost rhythm. His directorial skills and his creative abilities can be seen in many scenes. Editing was good but there were couple of scenes where the movie loses continuity. Cinematography was excellent. Production values were very good. Songs and background score by Yuvan are refreshingly good.
Overall, this is a clean family entertainer which can be happily watched in theater.
End Note: This Govindudu (movie) has all the ingredients to become andarivadu (audience acceptance).


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