Gopala Gopala Review

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Venkatesh who done multi starrer recently with Mahesh this time he teamed up with Power Star Pawan Kalyan, and since the film announced there is a lot of hype on this movie at the same time there are questions too, will this accept in telugu and will this match same as original OMG, let us see if this movie lived the hype

Story : The movie is a remake of Super hit OMG (Oh My God) movie, even though Gopal Rao is an atheist and he sells idols of gods and make money, and play with devotees weakness, due to nature of act his shop gets destroyed and he blames GOD and send notices to all priests and will gopala rao gets his money from priests or GOD you have to watch on the big screen.

Analysis : Pawan Kalyan, its a one man show, the man who carries the movie from pre interval to end credits, he looks amazing with his looks and his one liners.

Venkatesh, for him this is a tailor made role he fits the role as middle class Gopala Rao, and he is best at emotional scenes.

Sherya is OK, not much to perform, Mithun Chakraborthy fits the role, Posani is best with his mannerisms and the other good performance by Krishnudu.

Anup Rubens did an excellent job with Songs and background score, Nene Nene song come at the right place and sets the mood.

Director Dolly done decent job on the remake, it is not easy to convenience audience to show power star as a GOD, he has excelled in that point he never get overboard everything is in his control, could have taken a better part on CGI work.

Production values are not upto the mark the entire movie runs a limited budget and CGI work could have been better, but the work on titles and Bhaje song are excellent.

Dialogues are asset to this film, dialogues between pawan and venkatesh, court scenes and towards end.

Overall its a decent film you will enjoy without any doubt and once pawan enters all you want to do is watch him, his smile until the end of the movie

Go for it.


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