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Autonagar Surya shows in overseas confirmed in all locations and the premiers will start from 6pm ESt ..

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    • movie started 1973 # parents killed
    • screen play flipflop between 70’s and 90’s
    • Surya to jail .. gets a degree
    • Sam d/o sai Kumar. .. maradalu
    • Super mechanic Gas Bramhi with venu madav !!
    • preintervel scenes are good…again dialogues are good !!
    • First half : ok ok .. lags here and there
    • +ves : Dialogues, screenplay , pre-interval sceen, Interval
    • -ves : Zero comedy
    • don’t hype interval scene .. it’s good if u see without expectations …
    • First half : Performances & dialogues !!
    • first 10 mins after post interval drags
    • after that movie is on track fight and dialogues are good
    • On Screen Manchali is too good
    • Movie gets on track and much better than first half
  • 2nd half lo cinema mellaga track meedaki ekkindi..last 15 mins nunchi manchali song time…best song so far #AutoNagarSurya
  • Action scenes lo violence baaga ekkuvayndi….other than that movie still track meede undi #AutoNagarSurya
  • Over..2nd half better..climax lo violence ekkuva comedy thakkuva…Chai performance highlight..overall average #AutoNagarSurya

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