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Much hyped movie of the year Aagadu release today amidst huge expectations. The combination of Srinu Vaitla and Mahesh Babu delivered big last time when they teamed up for Dookudu. With both the director and the hero at the peak of their careers and exuberating huge confidence over this project, both trade and audience are hoping Aagadu to be a sure shot blockbuster. Let us see how this movie turned out.

It’s a revenge drama where the hero character is passionate about becoming a cop. He conjures up catching thieves in his own style right from a very young age and eventually grows up to become a cop. He gets transferred to a town where a local goon, a politician and a higher police official conspires to construct a power project to pocket huge amount of money. They also run many other illegal businesses. While confronting with this gang, hero realizes that he holds a personal vengeance against them. Rest of the plot is how he takes revenge on them and brings them to justice.
Artists Performance:
Mahesh:  Since Khaleja, Mahesh Babu has unleashed the comedy side of his acting prowess, which has won many fans for him. With Dookudu, he raised the bar further with his impeccable comedy timing. But disappointingly in Aagadu, his performance in most of the comedy scenes look over acted. Not sure how the director conceived his character to look like on screen or how Mahesh interpreted it, but there is an apparent disconnect between Mahesh and the character he played. This is uncharacteristic of Mahesh, who is always known as director’s actor. Other than that he was at his usual best in action and drama episodes.
Thamanna: Thamanna’s role has no significance to the plot. She is there because a commercial format movie needs a female lead. She did just OK with whatever part she played.
Others: Sonu Sood as main villain was routine. Asish Vidharthi’s character was confusing because it was constantly switched back and forth between a dangerously corrupted police officer and a low IQ comic character. Nazar as a constable was funny. Vennela Kishore did not have much to do. MS Narayana’s role as a lawyer was more confusing than funny. Bramhanandam’s character brings some laughs here and there but overall the way his role was written and the way he performed it are no match to Srinu Vaitla’s writing or Bramhanandam’s acting capabilities. Rajendra Prasad was good in his brief appearance but his character was half baked.
Technical Departments:
Music of the movie is already a decent hit but Thaman delivered big time with his background score, especially in action episodes. He lifts tempo of the movie whenever required with his background score. Some of the action episodes were good but rest were over the top. Production values were top notch. Photography was good. Editing was crisp. Biggest disappointment here is the direction because all the characters seem to behave in an inconsistent and incoherent manner.

What happens in a typical Srinu Vaitla movie is that hero character is so smart that he can easily become part of villains batch and use his brain on few comedy characters to create confusion among main villains and make them look like comedians. This is the template Srinu Vaitla has used over and over again successfully with Dhee, Ready, Baadshah and Dookudu. But this time in the process of creating confusion on screen looks like the director got himself confused. Or else why would he unnecessarily make Mahesh Babu utter lengthy dialogues at a pace with which the audience can never keep up with? This happens every time Mahesh’s character cooks up a story to trick the villains. At one instant, I tried to focus on the dialogues with my eyes closed and still could hardly understand 50% of them, that’s how much fast they were.
To start with, the plot of the movie is so shallow and hackneyed that the revenge aspect looks silly. But since we audience are so lenient in believing whatever is told by our so called big directors, we can ignore the silliness of the revenge aspect and assume that it does not impact final outcome of the movie, as long as the movie entertains us. But this impacts here because the director has fumbled in almost every department of story telling.
The screenplay of the movie runs on a flat note without any major ups and downs, which again is a big problem for these so called commercial entertainers because they work only when curiosity factor in the screenplay is kept alive.
To director’s credit, he did wrote some good comedy episodes which bring ample laughs. He never lets the movie to slip away and tries to keep it intact from the beginning till the end. That’s why though there are some drawbacks and hiccups on the way, overall the movie manages to hold attention of the viewer from beginning to end.
In conclusion, this movie would rank neither in the best or worse works of Srinu Vaitla. It’s a time pass flick which can be watchable once but it is definitely below par the capabilities of the director and the hero. The biggest threat to the box office prospects of this movie are the expectations with which the audience come to theater.
End Note:
Would have been better if this Aagadu had less Vagudu and more Chethalu.


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